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Welcome to my web-site! I am sitting in front of a very young Peggy Martin Rose which I planted at my new home in Gonzales after Hurricane Katrina. That cutting from the mother plant (Hurricane Katrina Survivor Rose) bloomed all the time.

I wish to thank all those who have already purchased the Peggy Martin Rose making the Restoration Fund for the four Historical Gardens in New Orleans such a success! I enjoy receiving the beautiful photos so many of you have sent to me of the rose and how it is displayed in your gardens on arbors, pergolas, iron structures, trellis, fences - some very creative ideas. It warms my heart to hear the glowing complements and excitement on the bloom and growth of the Peggy Martin Rose.

I have posted some of the photos so that those of you who are thinking of purchasing the Peggy Martin Rose will see what it is capable of. The rose is thornless with only a small prickle at the beginning of leaf growth, thus enabling it to be safely planted on a garden entrance arbor or structure. It's safe for children's play areas too!

The Peggy Martin Rose is very hardy and disease free, fast growing, and after established will bloom again in Fall along with sporadic flower flushes through the year. Every year, Spring will bring a bigger, more spectacular flower explosion than the year before, making it the showpiece of your Garden! Give it room to grow to show its full potential. It is not a once bloomer!!!

I have reports of the rose not only surviving, but thriving in below zero degree temperatures and frigid blizzards in Nebraska and Idaho. So, this is not just a Southern State Rose. In fact, the cooler it is, the more the rose blooms. It stops in our Southern heat during the hottest months of Summer, but above San Francisco it blooms all the time.

I gifted roses to some of the members of the Manhattan Rose Society when I spoke there in New York two years ago. Reports are the roses are doing well. Peter Kukielski, curator for the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden in the Bronx, says it is thriving on a structure placed in back of their Garden. The rose has also been planted by the Heritage Rose Society in Harlem, New York under the Historic District Project.

The Suppliers listed here are ready with stock to ship to you as soon as you order. Each purchase from one of these suppliers includes a donation to the Heritage Rose Foundation or the American Rose Society. Note that some Nurseries are designated as not shipping, such as The Plant Gallery in New Orleans, which does large volume walk in trade, and Kings Nursery in Tenaha,Texas.

Read more about Peggy Martin here.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast in 2005, a rose survived and bloomed - a symbol of endurance, beauty, and hope for the future.

Dr. William C. Welch published the story of this amazing rose and the extraordinary circumstances under which it came to be named after Peggy Martin, a mainstay in the antique rose community. Since then, the Peggy Martin Rose has been grown successfully in regions all over the United States, proving to be as tough and carefree as it is beautiful.

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